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Diciembre 01, 2016, 08:21:36 pm por JC_YuuAnn | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

Notas en inglés hasta que salga la traducción oficial :gap:

En resumen:
- Actualización del pack gratuito "Felices Fiestas"
- Los platos colocados en el exterior del solar, ahora simplemente desaparecerán
- Los Sims ahora preferirán sentarse durante la ceremonia de bodas
- Los libros de la habilidad "Repostería" ya no serán tan caros
- Usar el closet para cambiar el vestuario de un sim que no pertenece a la unidad doméstica activa, ya no cambiará la unidad doméstica activa
- Entrar al modo construir ya no causará que sims trabajando o en la escuela vuelvan temprano
- Aparentemente ahora sií podrás llevar sims de vacaciones que no pertenezcan a la unidad doméstica
- Elegir la opción de No permitir más clientes ahora funcionará

Lee la publicación oficial aquí

Update: 12/01/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Ho, ho, ho Simmers!

Woah! Wait, it’s December?!

I haven’t even worked on my list yet. Do you think Santa has a good stock of VR? Also, I’ve been thinking of something vintage… maybe a butler. Do you think Santa can get a butler down the chimney?

Oh, um… anyway.

We have updated the Holiday Celebration Pack with some new objects (a holiday table, fireplace, nutcracker, and centerpiece). And a fun little object called the Holiday Cracker. What’s inside? A poorly written joke, a little holiday sweet, or a teeny Meduso of your very own.

Also… if you didn’t know how to find your Holiday Celebration Pack items, we have added a Holiday Pack Filter for that very purpose. Open up the filters list in Build Mode, scroll to Packs, and select Holiday (at the bottom).

But that’s not all. No my friends, no holiday can be declared complete without issues!

General Issues

We fixed an issue that could result in a Sim placing their used dishes down outside of the boundaries of a lot, resulting in the dishes becoming stuck off lot. Dishes will now just disappear.
Where do they go? We imagine it to be similar to the dimension of ‘The Other Sock.’
Dirty coffee makers will now be cleaned by the maid, rather than disposed of.
Though have you see the stains coffee makes?
I think the maids were doing you a service, but hey, if you want to keep drinking it, don't ask me to look at your stomach lining when you're dead.
 …because you know, it's probably pretty gross. I mean more so than it normally is, it's probably like extra coffee stain gross.
Sims should now prefer to sit during the marriage ceremony.
Except for the married couple, who probably would just prefer you send a gift.
We fixed an issue that could cause a residential lot to switch to a generic lot type after being placed from The Gallery.
When directed to, Sims should now clean up all the dishes on half walls.
Family oriented Sims should no longer get the Missing Family buff if they have interacted with a baby in the family.
Babies are family too.
Even if they do smell funny.
Large and Small Crystals will no longer inform you differently about their Energized Décor moodlet strengths depending on where you read the tooltip.
High quality harvestables will no longer increase in value after each lot load.
I'm sorry, you'll just have to earn your Simoleons the old fashioned way.
…with a little rosebud.
Sims should switch seats less when there are other nearby seats available.
Goldilocks vs. The Sims, tune in Wednesday for the latest intense chair choosing match!
We fixed an issue that was causing Sims to stand up and then sit down in order to turn on the television.
Ordering drinks for the group from a bartender will now order drinks for the group.
…rather than just giving you one drink that costs a group rate.
Essence milked from Cowplants will now display the name of the Sim whose essence it is.
 …because it’s important to know.
“Was that Bob you just drank? Because you know I was saving Bob. And now, Bob is gone… did you really need Bob? I mean Susan and George are still in the fridge, they’re right there next to the lasagna. But no, you had to take Bob!”
“I'm just not sure this is working out for me. I'm leaving you, and I'm taking the Cowplant."
Chairs can now properly be slotted to the middle positions of 1x2 and 1x3 tables when dragging the table to the chair.
Yes, there is a middle position on the 1x2, just accept it.
Maids will no longer throw away freshly cooked meals during their shift. They may put them away in the fridge. But they most definitely will not put them in the trash.
They will not put them in the drain. Not in the dark. Not near a tree. Not in a can. They’ll let them be.
They do not like them on a lot. When they’re not as hot. They do not like them in the house. When nibbled by a mouse. They do like them here or there, but they will not trash them anywhere.
Male Sims with feminine frames should see less distortion in their bottom assets.
Gallery items that were uploaded in Norwegian without a description will no longer be non-deletable from The Gallery.
Woohoo or Mess Around with a non-household Sim on a non-household lot will now properly shoo other Sims from the room during said action.
Lighting preference is still player choice.
Typing a number into the sell multiple window from the Sims inventory will now allow you to type the number, rather than just typing a 1.
Also 3 is a magic number, the figure 8 would be great, and 0 saved us from our fingers and toes.
We fixed an issue that was causing memory usage to increase as songs were being previewed in the options panel.
Gym Rat trait now properly prevents hygiene loss during yoga.
Playing a violin from the Sims inventory will now properly complete the Play Violin whim.
The developers have informed me that all violins are created equal, and that they are endowed by their engineer with certain unalienable code, that among their functions are the ability to play, write, and pursue a whims completion.
Which I suppose if they were truly unalienable would nullify this issue.
Sims should now prefer to use the closer of sinks, when washing dishes.
The closer sink will vary upon Sim position. What was closer now, may not be closer later.
Child Sims who age up will no longer need to reload their lot to see the skill panel update with their adult skills.
Get to Work

Changing the default color of the Grimy Times Crime Map will no longer cause the police station computers to lose the ability to conduct police work.
I knew it… when the computers begin to revolt based upon your interior design choices, the nuclear codes are not far behind.
Children will no longer warp when attempting to restock mannequins.
Also, due to child labor laws, children will no longer be able to restock mannequins.
Baking skill books will no longer be so expensive.
…there was a bad zero. Bad zero! It has been removed, reprimanded, and placed on the other side of the decimal point, on a timeout.
The Prison Yard Gate can now be placed on any sized fence. Not just the small fences.
…that didn't make sense anyway. Because the gate was a tall gate… so, even in its wrongness, it was extra wrong.
Get Together

Using the closet to change the outfit of a non-household Sim should no longer switch the active player control to other Sims in your household. This was particularly a problem if the other Sim that was given control was on a different lot, resulting in you loading a new lot upon returning from Create a Sim.
City Living

Entering Build Mode on an apartment lot while your Sim is at work or school, will no longer force your Sim home early.
Outdoor Retreat

Taking non-household members on vacation will now take non-household members on vacation, rather than forcing those non-household members to linger around your vacation until their Needs fail.
Sitting at the Happy Camper Picnic Table will no longer give a Comfy moodlet with the reason being “From Expensive Furniture.”
Don't get me wrong, the craftsmanship is superb. But it's still just a wooden bench.
You know, maybe semi-comfy, or comfy-ish… but Comfy? I think that's going a bit too far.
Dine Out

We addressed an issue that would prevent business owners from gaining entry to their lots, if the doors had been Locked for Everyone but Employees.
Owners are employees. Fish are friends not food. And use the rule of three when writing.
Adults will now drink water or sparkling water if it is the only drink on the menu.
They won’t be happy about it… but they’ll drink it.
The blue flames on the I Dream of Sous chef station shall no longer, from this day forward, henceforth and back, to and fro, remain lit after closing. So sayeth you one, so sayeth you all?
The Mythic Patio Warming Lamp can now be instant upgraded with the Handy reward trait.
Please note: The Handy reward trait provides no benefit to Kleptomaniacs or Romantics.
Sims will no longer be able to scavenge for spare parts in dropped food.
A strict Prep n’ Serve review system has been put in place prior to food service, preventing any unwanted washers, o-rings, or ball bearings from finding their way into your Shrimp Louie.
Choosing the option to Disallow New Customers will now disallow new customers from arriving to your restaurant.
Claimed tables are now properly clearing their claimed state when a restaurant is opened for business.
Mine, mine, mine.
Ordering Lemonade, Ice Tea, or Citrus Swig at a restaurant will now serve you Lemonade, Ice Tea, or Citrus Swig and not just an empty glass.
We addressed an issue that could cause Build Mode to fail to function after uploading an incomplete restaurant to The Gallery, and then downloading it to your home lot.
Backyard Stuff

Children will now gain motor skill after each trick slide they perform, and not just the first one.
After all, tricks are for kids.
And on that horrible pun, I bid you a fond farewell, a happy holiday season, and the warmest of wishes,

Diciembre 01, 2016, 08:11:41 pm por JC_YuuAnn | Views: 6 | Comments: 1

Por SimGuruPanda

Ya ha vuelto esa época del año en la que lo llenamos todo de adornos y derrochamos espíritu festivo, ¿por qué no iban a hacerlo también tus Sims? ¡Pues tenemos buenas noticias! ¡Hemos actualizado el pack gratuito Felices Fiestas de Los Sims 4™!

El año pasado ya incorporamos unos cuantos atuendos estupendos, el árbol con luces, vinilos en forma de copos de nieve y un par de elementos más para ayudar a darle un aire festivo al hogar de tus Sims. ¡Y este año hemos vuelto a añadir algunos fantásticos objetos nuevos a la selección existente! Convierte el hogar de tus Sims en el paraíso de estas fiestas con el nuevo cascanueces, coloca la nueva vela festiva para crear ambiente y añade la chimenea con guirnalda festiva para completar la habitación.

Y a continuación, ¡que empiece la diversión con las sorpresas festivas, nuevos objetos interactivos que los Sims pueden usar con resultados distintos! Tu Sim puede encontrarse en su interior un caramelo que se zampará al instante (¡cómo no!) y que podría provocarle un cambio de humor. También puede romper por accidente el contenido de la sorpresa y obtener algunas piezas para mejoras. Podría hasta tocarle una sorpresa vacía, oooh. O tal vez uno de los nuevos objetos coleccionables. ¡Así es, hay una nueva colección, da un gritito de emoción! Las sorpresas festivas pueden contener uno de ocho peluches temáticos distintos cuyos temas dejaremos que descubras por tu cuenta. ¡Y además proyectan un aura vacilona!

Todo esto, por supuesto, junto con los objetos originales del pack, entro los que se incluyen sombreros festivos y la prenda imprescindible para estas fechas: ¡el típico jersey hortera! ¡Obtén gratis el pack aquí!

¿Qué tal está el nuevo contenido gratuito? ¿Es bueno, suficiente, poco? ¿Es hora de empezar a adornar las casas de tus sims con temática festiva? :gap: :flor:
Noviembre 29, 2016, 09:07:25 pm por JC_YuuAnn | Views: 17 | Comments: 2

Por SimGuruPanda

¿Tu Sim suspira por tejidos y muebles que destilen el glamour y el decadentismo de tiempos pasados? ¡Pues ve preparándote, porque la próxima semana Los Sims™ 4 vuelve a lo clásico con Los Sims 4 Glamour Vintage Pack de Accesorios*, disponible el 6 de diciembre!

(Click en la imagen para ver el video trailer :gap: )

Este pack incluye nuevos y deslumbrantes objetos que harán que el hogar de tu Sim parezca salido de la época dorada de Hollywood. ¡Con el nuevo tocador, tu Sim podrá tomarse su tiempo retocándose el maquillaje para lucir su mejor aspecto sin tener que acceder a Crear a Sim! Los niños también pueden jugar en él, aunque con resultados algo menos refinados. Y cuando acabe de arreglarse, podrá servirse algo de beber en el nuevo y distinguido mueble bar Monte Vista del Siglo XVI.

El pack ofrece elementos decorativos fabulosos y muebles ostentosos para el hogar de tus Sims, incluida una lámpara en forma de jirafa particularmente fantástica para la que todo Sim querrá reservar un lugar destacado de la casa. ¡También incluye nuevos papeles de pared metalizados y reflectantes chulísimos que sabemos que te van a encantar!

Ah, y una cosilla más: tu Sim podrá llevar una vida de lo más cómoda sin tener que mover un dedo. Así es, Los Sims 4 Glamour Vintage Pack de Accesorios añade la figura del mayordomo como PNJ al que tu Sim podrá contratar para llevar a cabo las tareas que él no quiera realizar, como cocinar, limpiar, reparar objetos averiados o cuidar el jardín. Y si tu Sim lo pilla relajándose en horario de trabajo, ¡tendrá hasta la deferencia de sentirse avergonzado! Pero no seas demasiado cruel con él, también puede sabotear objetos...

¡Los Sims 4 Glamour Vintage Pack de Accesorios estará disponible el 6 de diciembre! ¿Tienes ganas de echarle el guante? Cuéntanos cuántas en Twitter y Facebook usando la etiqueta #TS4VintageGlamour.

Por fin sabemos de que trata el pack de accesorios de fin de año, ¿qué te ha parecido? ¿buena o mala primera impresión? ¿crees que es para todos o sólo para los que disfrutan del estilo vintage? :gap: :flor:
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